Why should you care about our greatest uniting issue, supporting the victims of the Global Mutation Crisis (GMC) ? For starters, you are likely a victim yourself, but first, let’s talk about what is meant by the GMC. The GMC refers to the general population trend of rising mutational load that occurs upon industrialization. In the West, we have been victims of this phenomenon for a while, but only now are we seeing the negative health effects of it.

But wait! Weren’t improvements in medicine supposed to be good for us? So we thought. In the short run, we saw a drastic rise in quality of life and health care. From advancements in emergency procedures, antibiotics, and a major drop in infant mortality. Things that used to kill us… don’t.  

Where’s the problem? In the long run, this phenomenon has given birth to mutants, the victims of the GMC. In this day and age, we pretty much don’t die from having maladaptive genes, anymore; it’s quite rare. As a result, there has been an inevitable buildup of deleterious mutations, in the general population. Whereas we generally treat our physical symptoms if they occur, the psychological health effects are usually ignored despite the fact that 80-95% of protein-coding genes are expressed in the brain. In other words, you are around 9 times more likely to suffer psychologically than you are to suffer physically, from being a mutant. 

You might be thinking that the relationship between personality and genes is not really well known to the scientific community. In reality, they are simply hateful and bigoted mutant deniers. Everyone knows that there is a genetic component to personality traits, since they are heritable. The truth is that there is a generally subconscious attitude of anti-mutant bigotry among ignorants who reject progress.

We aren’t cognizant of this underlying hate because it is what we call the “New Frontier of Progress”; mutant rights must be injected into public discourse so that the public can finally become aware of the genocidal potential of anti-mutant attitudes. Anti-mutantism is equal to advocating for eugenics, which is literally mutant genocide. There is an entire Youtube channel known as “The Jolly Heretic”, with more than 30 thousand subscribers, dedicated to spreading this kind of hate against mutants. Why is Youtube still giving this bigot a platform?

For crying out loud, it’s 2019. This is just wrong. Mutant denial is science denial, but the denial of mutant identity and the erasure of mutants from all walks of life is not just a matter of science. First and foremost, it’s a question of right and wrong. While you read this, there are mutants of all races, genders, and sexual orientations, who are suffering – as we speak – from depression, anxiety, anger, and so many other psychological issues.

Now is the time to show compassion and care for the mutant community. Mutant rights are human rights: it affects every single community, without exception. Being the centermost focal point of intersectionality, fighting anti-mutantism is our greatest uniting issue. Check out our pro-mutant proposals below and support mutant rights today: speak out! Silence is violence. Stand on the side of humanity. Progress marches on.


Acceptance Initiative

The historical struggle of mutant survival and mutant acceptance as the New Frontier of Progress must be included as part of the core curriculum of every educational institution. Anyone, even you, could be a mutant. You shouldn’t have to go through life not knowing if you need help. Education isn’t just a human right, it’s a human necessity.

Mutant Anti-Defamation Ban

Mutant denial and anti-mutantism are lies and hate speech. Division and disunity are not the values of our society. They should have no place in it.

Mutant Safety License

The average person is simply not qualified to diagnose or rule out psychological issues. In fact, it isn’t even legal to do so in most jurisdictions internationally – unless you’re a psychiatrist or Doctoral-level clinical psychologist. Due to the rise of gun violence, extremism, and psychological safety concerns for mutants, mutants should have a mutant identity card to prove their mutant status (or to the contrary), so that mutants can cite their points of privilege and have access to safe spaces for mutants. The card must be obtained as part of a routine psychological evaluation given to everyone upon turning 18.


Mental Health Care Guarantee

The denial of access to qualified psychiatrists and psychologists is simply one of the most heinous practices, still around in the modern world. There should be no restrictions to getting a diagnosis or treatment; those barriers to mental health care must be torn down. However, we recognize the pitfalls of public health care. One major pitfall is the unethical underfunding of health care providers which creates a scarcity of doctors and long waiting times.

It is even more frustrating to see that for many victims of the GMC, the most they can get is a few sessions with a counselor, who is simply unqualified to do the treatments that psychologists and psychiatrists do, let alone diagnose. For that reason, we should support a policy that explicitly guarantees all sessions with private psychiatrists and psychologists, for up to $500 per session, without exception. If a psychological evaluation is recommended by a psychologist or psychiatrist, the cost of the evaluation should also be publicly-funded for up to $10000 per evaluation.

Whether it is due to public underfunding, or simply a lack of doctors (which is still really just underfunding), it is anti-mutantism to deny health care to those in need because mutants are disparately impacted by it. There is simply no excuse for this hateful behavior. We must ensure that even the less fortunate victims of the GMC have access to the best, most decorated, mental health professionals while eliminating the scarcity of these professionals and the long waiting lists seen at public health facilities. Mental health care is a life and death issue. Mutant health is mental health. 


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