What is the Global Error Crisis (GEC) ? The GEC is one of the most underreported crises in all of human history and it refers to the growing sum total of all human error, in the world; it caused by a collective loss in the ability to recognize errors.

The consequences of the GEC negatively impact the economy, society, technology, culture, and standards of living (e.g. the decline of America). Since we often look to identify errors based on that which is out of the ordinary, errors cannot be noticed by regular means when there are too many errors at once. 


When the frequency of errors reaches a critical threshold, error becomes the norm. In turn, we collectively lose the ability to recognize errors for what they are. The kind of culture that treats error as the norm is known as erronormativity and leads to a breakdown of order.  Sadly, a fringe radical few are so deeply ingrained in erronormativity that they are ignorant of excellence, and their ignorance reveals itself in the form of aristophobia: a dangerous, hateful, and bigoted perception of excellence, and in turn, Nobles and Aristophiles

Erronormativity is a culture of bigotry against excellence (aristophobia) and anyone that sides with excellence, namely Aristophiles, or who identifies with it, i.e. Nobles. The Aristophilian people are persecuted on a daily basis, due to the ignorance of aristophobic perfection deniers who are angry at Aristophiles for wanting to create an error-free Perfect Society; this hatred is particularly directed against Aristophilian women, due to the pervasive sexual frustrations of aristophobes.

With that said, aristophobes are ultimately people who are in need of professional psychological attention. They deserve compassion for the difficulties they go through. They can’t completely be held responsible for their hurtful words or actions due to their psychopathology. At Global Warning, we aren’t medical professionals, but we do think that it would be wise of the medical community to investigate a proposed a psychiatric diagnosis to be added to the DSM, in order to address the mental health needs of this type of aristophobe: Errophilic Personality Disorder (EPD).

The systematic and methodical cleansing of erronormativity is the central humanitarian mission of the Aristophilian community and it is referred to as the Perfectionment and this new historical era of Perfectionment is known as the Age of Beauty. Those of us who aren’t a part of this community should encourage Aristophiles to fulfill their mission to avoid the consequences of ever-increasing human error in all aspects of life.

Without the Aristophilian vision of a Perfect Society, the future of humanity looks rather grim. As human error piles up, critical systems will begin to fail. To put this in perspective, South Africa (a country whose land mass is majoritarily surrounded by water) is suffering from a water shortage. 

Aristophiles and Nobles are more than just an international force for good. They are a critical component in the continued existence of humanity, and they are the only ones who seek to prevent an international reversal of economic and technological development.



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