It’s sad to have to ask this question in 2020 but here we are: why should we care about the Global Climate Crisis (GCC) ?

For starters, our children will inherit the air around us. It’s our responsibility to keep the air clean, or else they will suffer from breathing in the previous generations’  air pollution. The same can be said about water quality.

Arguably, an even more important reason to care about the GCC is as simple as the temperature. If the Earth gets just a little warmer or colder, we might be able to deal with that using migration and technology. We won’t be able to do that under more extreme temperatures.

Many are probably wondering: don’t we want warmer temperatures? Isn’t warm temperature why we travel to southern countries every year? Those questions aren’t stupid and those of us who are in the know do a great disservice to the public by dismissing them. If we are to lead humanity to a righteous and sustainable existence, we will have to drop the condescension and engage with these questions seriously and without judgement. That’s exactly what we are here to do.

The fact is that we might want warm temperatures for our immediate pleasure, but in the long run, we don’t want warmer temperatures at all. Why? Because for some strange reason, geographic areas with warm temperatures seem to be horrible places to raise children. Of course, there are exceptions: hello Australia & New Zealand! The trend is undeniable, however.

Geographically warm areas are highly correlated with STDs, high homicide rates, high child mortality, lack of economic development, unclean environments, political instability, and a whole host of stuff we want our children to stay away from. The GCC is a matter of family safety.

There are also unpredictable migratory events that may result from the GCC. Many dangerous organisms (read: savage animals, nasty insects, and deadly diseases) who belong in warmer equatorial areas will migrate to colder Northern areas.

The fact is that we need a comprehensive solution. Instead, all we have been given is fringe extremist rhetoric about how “we’re all going to burn in 12 years”. The closest thing to a serious policy proposal is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal (GND), which is well-intentioned, at best. While the intentions of the GND are good, it simply makes no mention of how it will go about achieving its goals.

Anyone can put ink on paper and “set a goal” to visit planet Mars within 10 years. Given the ambitious and grandiose nature of the GND, the public is absolutely correct to raise an eyebrow in suspicion. We deserve to know how the GND will work.

At Global Warning, we see only one way to make the GND work: technology. A green future is a high-tech future. Let’s turn science-fiction into science-reality.

Universal Green Income

Here’s a wild idea: the way to make people do what you want…. is to pay them. Crazy, isn’t it?

How do you get people to live sustainable lifestyles while being able to afford it? $1000 per month. That’s how.

How do you get engineers to develop Green Tech? $1Million per invention.

Regulation isn’t always the best solution, but it always costs money. If we’re considering regulation, then we might as well just dish out cash. Since we’re in the looting phase of the American empire’s death regime, it’s time to make that money printer go brrr. Grab that money bag, fam. Ching ching bling bling, you deserve it.


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