Global Opioid Epidemic

Global Opioid Epidemic

What is the Global Opioid Epidemic (GOE)? The GOE is the elephant in the room that our modern-day priests are too scared to talk about for reasons that will be made obvious in this article, but for now, here’s a hint: complicity.

The GOE refers to a disastrous epidemic of opioid addiction that ravages America but is also pervasive in Canada and the U.K. It is a hurtful laborphobic for-profit hate campaign waged against the working class by regulated drug dealers like Purdue Pharma, and by proxy, the Sackler family.


Over a century ago, a hateful sinophobic equivalent of our modern-day opium crisis existed in China thanks to the opium trade; according to a highly-credible and very well-written article by The Times of Israel, “the Sassoons, Ezras, and Kadoories thrived” in the opium business. When the Chinese government (twice) attempted to ban the import of opium to China, both times the international business interests tricked the British government into waging a war to remove the opium import restriction (in what is now known as the Opium Wars).

The United Nations (UN) considers “Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part” as fitting the legal definition of genocide. The GOE (and its Chinese counterpart from more than a century ago) is in full conformity with the UN definition of genocide. While the Chinese were lucky enough to have Chairman Mao fix the problem quite efficiently, we simply live in a different time where taking legal action against drug dealers is considered worse than the genocide we are going through.

Sadly, this has become a politicized issue when it should only be an ethical issue. As we delve deeper into the deeds of these capitalist pigs, it becomes quite clear that they simply have no sense of morality for those who are smart enough to reject the cult of Americanism. In fact, a fringe minority of angry bloggers have concocted a conspiracy theory about how the Sackler family’s connection to the opioid crisis is a far right canard. What a ridiculous (and convenient) fabrication; one need only take a look at Purdue Pharma’s ownership history to establish a link. It doesn’t take a genius to do that. Remember that articles of incorporation are governmental documents. Are these frustrated journalists accusing the U.S. government (or the Chinese Communist Party) of being a far right extremist organization? That certainly seems to be the implication of their loony bin conspiracy theory which threatens the integrity of our great democracy.

Some of America’s most liberal states have either criminally charged or are considering charging them. Not only are they pursuing criminal charges against Purdue Pharma, they are even alleging criminal activity on the part of individual members of the Sackler family. Once again, we are dealing with claims coming directly from the U.S. government – a liberal one at that. The finger should be pointed at the pervert creeps who work for the lying media’s rape culture. After all, they were the ones who portrayed the Sacklers as charitable humanitarians.

Also, Chairman Mao was the leader of the Chinese Communist Party which even further discredits the cheap and overdone allegations of a fictional connection between a desire for a healthy sober population and the right wing. If both the right and the left can agree on the disaster that is the GOE (an agreement that Global Warning seeks to preserve as a centrist organization), perhaps we should reconsider who are the ones that really hold the fringe opinions. The lying media who almost always refer to widely held opinions as “fringe canards” are – by definition – fringe themselves, which is ironic given that they are falsely referred to as “mainstream” news when they are neither mainstream nor are they news. Besides, lies are lies are lies no matter how “mainstream” the lies appear to be.

It really is unfortunate that we need to start with debunking those preconceived notions some people have. The lying media weirdos are basically like a hobo on crack. Loud, hyper, sweaty, nervous, void of self-control, and ultimately everyone feels bad for their suffering (while simultaneously hoping they stay away). Of course, they try to hide their absence of credibility by using a pretentious air of seriousness when they speak, but who cares? A functional alcoholic is still an alcoholic. Compassion is well and good, but in the end, the adults in the room are going to have to step up to put these media nutcases in line. At this point, it’s pretty clear that they will never find their way back to reality on their own. 

With that said, we should also specify that the opioid crisis is itself a subset of crises of mass over-prescription, namely that of ADHD and anti-depressant medications. Many medical professionals have a tendency to be easily swayed by drug adverts, which is undoubtedly the single biggest red-flag danger sign to look for before choosing your doctor. They really are that gullible for the simple reason that they will believe anything that a perceived authority figure says or any statement they think is already a widely held belief; these behaviors share an uncanny resemblance to errophilia, which would explain the pervasive aristophobic attitudes of disgruntled “health” care professionals and the erronormative “research” practices of frustrated “medical” academics. Basically, we aren’t dealing with serious people, here. These are adult children with the egos of obnoxious teenagers. They need a parent to remind them that they are being lied to. “Stay in your lane” is an important life lesson that seems to have utterly gone over their heads.

All of this begs the question, what are the Sacklers or Purdue Pharma accused of, exactly? For starters, a study by Dr. Art Van Zee found a “consistent” and “systematic” effort to misrepresent OxyContin’s risk of addiction. To combat these accusations, Dr. Richard Sackler didn’t waste a second to blame the victims OxyContin (and supposedly, Fentanyl or similar drugs). He literally accused the patients (who were tricked into an involuntary and non-consensual addiction) of being “reckless criminals”, “culprits”, and a “problem”. It’s not every day you hear the honest thoughts of a parasite, but it’s quite refreshing when it happens.

But wait! What did the Sacklers do to right their wrongs? They considered selling solutions to the problem they created.



Global Slavery Crisis

Global Slavery Crisis

What is the Global Slavery Crisis (GSC) ? The GSC, being the #1 threat to our great democracy, is one of the most central and all-encompassing infections that plagues the world today and it has a direct effect on all of us.

From wage slavery, debt slavery, to even pleasure slavery, 99% of the global population is a victim of the GSC. All of those are mechanisms of exploitation by (often pedophilic) sexual perverts who are angry at women. These fringe extremists have infiltrated key institutions and effectively hijacked our democratic society to serve their own interests and subvert our culture in a sexually perverted direction. Such frustrated radicals are often seen lashing out and sexually assaulting women out of anger (see the #MeToo movement). 

July 15, 2020 Update: Report all hate, perverts, terrorists, & corrupt professionals / business executives / politicians to OSIC.

Rape culture (officially known as Socio-Sexual Subversionis real… if you look at the right places. At Global Warning, we believe that it is a psychiatric disorder that must be added to the DSM, to address the clinical pathology of such pervert-predators and to protect their sex victims. It is called Socio-Sexual Subversion Disorder (S3D), alluding to its rape culture counterpart. This article makes the scientific case that all economic slavery is, without exception, an outgrowth of socio-sexual subversion.

It is also very likely that the reason as to why many reject or deny the notion of rape culture is because most people have no notion of what a “cultural rapist” is. By calling these perverts “socio-sexual subversives”, “pervert-predators”, or “S3D predators”, we leave no room for confusion or ambiguity. The S3D concept is, without a doubt, the key to finally legitimizing the #MeToo movement, outside of left-wing circles (which would greatly benefit the #MeToo victims). At Global Warning, we seek to bridge the gap between left and right. S3D is not a left or right concept. It is a scientific concept.


You might be wondering: how aren’t these dangerous sex predators in prison, already? That’s a very good question, but it deserves some qualifying. Indeed, a small contingent of these perverts have already been put in prison and rightfully so. Two of the most famous cases are that of prominent Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein and the now-deceased Wall Street financier Jeffrey Epstein.

With that said, most of these hate-filled societal outcasts do not end up in prison. For example, alleged-pedophile Hollywood director Woody Allen (who was accused of molesting his 7-year-old daughter) failed to be convicted in court, but he was harshly criticized for his parenting practices by the judge. He is now married to his ex-girlfriend’s daughter. He has since been disavowed by almost no one, continues to make Hollywood movies with famous actors we’ve all heard of, and has since won multiple Academy Awards (commonly referred to as the Oscars).

Another case is that of Hollywood director Roman Polanski who, in 1977, plead guilty to molesting a 13-year-old girl. He escaped imprisonment by fleeing the U.S. Just like Woody Allen, he continues to make big-name movies (and win Oscars). He has been vocally defended by Oscar-winning actress Meryl Streep, and Oscar-winning director Quentin Tarantino went as far as claiming that Polanski’s underage victim “wanted to have it“, so it was “not rape”. What does that tell us about Hollywood and the Oscars?

Most recently, Don Lemon (CNN‘s most prominent prime time anchor) has been accused of  sexual assault by accuser Dustin Hice. Let’s be clear: Don Lemon was one of the leading media voices giving credence to the #MeToo movement and he took advantage of his credentials as a homosexual to further bolster his status in the movement. Worse still, the accuser alleges that the sexual assault took place in 2018, while the #MeToo movement was in full swing and making recurrent headlines. That is the type of person CNN and other cable news organizations hire. Just think of how that affects the narratives they put out in the news.

Similar allegations popped up in various cable news organizations and political circles; these allegations include (but are not limited to) Hamilton Fish (former president of The New Republic), Michael Oreskes (former head of News at NPR), former U.S. state Senators Ira Silverstein and Dan Schoen, and the highly influential Alex Kozinski (former U.S. 9th Circuit Judge). To be clear: these are not exceptional cases; more than 200 high-profile allegations have been made and a small minority have even admitted to it or plead guilty. That 200 figure doesn’t even include the perpetrators of silent victims. These are the people who write the stories we read, the movies we see, the news reports we hear, the laws we abide by, and the legal precedents that are set in court.

Let’s not forget: much of public discourse comes directly from conniving trickster Edward Bernays, who expanded on his sexual extremist uncle Sigmund Freud’s psychological “research” to create the field of public relations (PR). PR (which is employed by virtually all of Hollywood, academia, cable news, law, and finance) is commonly thought of as “strategic communication”. While it is strategic and it is communication, it is ultimately a form of pedophile-adjacent cultural subversion and incest-adjacent propaganda, where Freud had all kinds of sexually perverted ideas involving children, parents and fecal matter and no, we won’t elaborate for obvious reasons. According to a New York Times article entitled “Adventures of the Orgasmatron” (yup, real title), Freud referred to his own work, which he called “psychoanalysis”, as “anti-paradise”. He specifically turned to his more credible colleague, Carl Jung (who rejected Freud’s pornographic nonsense), and said: “Don’t [Americans] know we are bringing them the plague?”. History shows that there is no “we” between Jung and Freud.

Further down the Freudian path of perversion, his grandson (Clement Freud)  was unsurprisingly linked to a VIP pedophile cult. Two women claimed that he sexually abused them as children, an accusation for which his wife apologized for. According to a superb article by the Washington Post (which effectively highlights how perverted professors are at even the most famous of universities), a 2015 survey by the American Association of Universities found that 10% of all of their female students had been sexually harassed. Meanwhile, the pervert dominant far-left  ideology of  academia preaches that sexual harassment is a type of rape; so by academia’s own definitions, your daughter has a 10% chance of being raped if you send her to university, mostly to learn things that are available for free and of higher quality on the internet. That gives a whole new meaning to the term “sexual lottery”. 

The fringe extremist sex cults of the early 1900s are a spinoff of the pedophile-adjacent pervert clique known as Freudianism and it certainly explains why fields like sociology, Hollywood movies and cable news organizations have had a strong and dangerous tendency to normalize sexually perverted behaviors since the 1960s, and also why politicians, especially Neoconservative politicians, seem to go along with it in every way except words; that is despite the fact that it is well-known that the films would be viewed by underage teens, regardless of its age “limit”. It makes sense: if you’re a dangerous radical sex pervert, you have an interest in normalizing your perversions so as to avoid ostracism and loss of income.

Let’s not forget the pervert-friendly lawyers who defend these sexual predators, every step of the way.


 The Pervert’s Racket


At this point, you might be wondering: what does academia, Hollywood and cable news have to do with the GSC? Priesthood. Some call it the “American Dream”, a profitable lie invented by Hollywood extremists. We call it the Pervert’s Racket: a deception meant to trick the 99% into various addictions – all of which are provided and profited by the same sexually dangerous radical element, among the 1%.

The Pervert’s Racket brings us straight into the GSC. Hollywood, cable news, and politicians have deep ties to Wall Street. They all play an integral role in ensuring a net flow of cash that is one-directional: from the 99% to the 1%. There is barely a single transaction, on any given day, from which the 1% doesn’t ultimately skim off the top.

According to the Pervert’s Racket, how are men and women supposed to live their lives? Below, we have a rather extreme presentation of reality but it is intentionally painted this way to highlight the gravity of the situation and help get the point across with a good dose of humor.

If you’re a man, the Pervert’s Racket says:

  • Go get 2.1 cars per family… on credit… with interest; “happy wife, happy life”, right?
  • Go get that big diamond ring… on credit… with interest; “diamonds are a woman’s best friend”, right?
  • Go get that university degree… on credit… with interest; bartending is fun… right?
  • Go get that McMansion in the suburbs with the white picket fence… on credit.. with interest; wouldn’t want to be part of a community, right?
  • Consume product, get excited for next product, and repeat; it’s nice to live paycheck-to-paycheck, right?

If you’re a woman, the Pervert’s Racket says:

  • Don’t you dare get a STEM degree and close the wage gap. You’ll be better off getting a fake one… on credit… with interest, where you get to complain about the wage gap instead.
  • Don’t you dare start a family in your 20s. Not only does money, shoes, and handbags matter more, let’s not forget that you’re “missing out” on the immense “pleasure” of being a sex toy for many many many people, sometimes strangers. After all that, you’ll get the same quality husband, in your 30s… right?
  • Ok, so you married a loser and you want out. Don’t forget to accuse your husband of basically any sex crime; get full custody of your child, if you made the mistake of having one. Kids don’t need fathers… right? Also, “taking half” has the added benefit of paying off all the debt you racked up in your 20s buying shoes, handbags, and the fake degree.
  • Is your financial and love life a mess? Take “personal responsibility” for “your” actions. (read: blame the victim… as usual)

It is clear that men and women are the real victims of the system, and yet, the notion of “personal responsibility” is tactically used to further trick men and women into redirecting the blame at each other (i.e. the victims), rather than the perverts who tricked them. Also, this isn’t to say that anyone who lives a certain lifestyle is necessarily a victim – again, the scenario described above is an exaggeration to help get the point across. It’s somewhat of a caricature but it is obviously getting at a real and fundamental problem.


Addiction = Slavery


Funny enough, most in the West lives this consumerist lifestyle. In fact, most people are financially, neurologically, sexually, and reproductively addicted to the consumerist system. Yet when they are confronted with their economic slavery, they never fail to repeat the mantra: “Hey, that’s the American Dream. That’s freedom”.

Are you sure you’re free? Did you consent to being exploited? Did you consent to being lied into debt slavery? Did you consent to being tricked into consuming addictive pleasures? We need to stop calling it the American Dream. It’s the Pervert’s Racket. That’s slavery. That’s the GSC.

Slaves have no agency. The 99% can’t be held responsible for their actions. The 1% can. Radical extremist pedophile-adjacent predators have no place among the elites of our democracy. This is not a left or right issue. This is a uniting issue. This is about protecting our women and children from sexual danger.

“The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their proper name.” – Confucius


Boycott Sex Predators


Simply speaking of various institutions the right way will work wonders to keep our families away from these dangerous sex radicals. Always use the correct terms when speaking to children about their career and purchasing choices. The following expressions are generalizations, of course, and not everyone in these fields are pedophiles. However, they still merit being spoken of in general terms as sexual predators, just to make it absolutely clear to young children of what they will probably encounter in these fields and why they should be very skeptical, distrustful, and cautious of any propaganda that comes out of these fields. These industry leaders’ cognitive biases are inherently of a sexually perverted pedophile-adjacent (and sometimes outright pedophilic) nature:

  • It’s not “High Finance”. It’s Pervert Finance.
  • It’s not “mainstream” media. For starters, they’re not mainstream anymore, based on ratings and view counts; they’re just discredited & frustrated journalists. In any case, the appropriate term is Pervert Media.
  • It’s not “Hollywood directors”. It’s Pervert Directors.
  • It’s not a “sociology degree”. It’s a Pervert Degree.
  • It’s not “Freudian Psychology”. It’s Pervert Psychology.
  • It’s not “Western politicians”. It’s Pervert Politicians.

All sex hate and aristophobia must be called out, singled out, and stamped out. Pedophile-adjacent extremism has no place in any society, in any place in the world, and at any point in time. Predatory sex radicals simply don’t belong in elite circles.

Those are not the values of our great democracy. Centrism, moderation, calm, and serenity are the way forward.


Universal Basic Income (UBI)

$1000 per month. All freedom stems from financial freedom, which 99% of the world has not. There’s a reason why the UBI is called the “Freedom Dividend”.



Global Climate Crisis

Global Climate Crisis

It’s sad to have to ask this question in 2020 but here we are: why should we care about the Global Climate Crisis (GCC) ?

For starters, our children will inherit the air around us. It’s our responsibility to keep the air clean, or else they will suffer from breathing in the previous generations’  air pollution. The same can be said about water quality.

Arguably, an even more important reason to care about the GCC is as simple as the temperature. If the Earth gets just a little warmer or colder, we might be able to deal with that using migration and technology. We won’t be able to do that under more extreme temperatures.

Many are probably wondering: don’t we want warmer temperatures? Isn’t warm temperature why we travel to southern countries every year? Those questions aren’t stupid and those of us who are in the know do a great disservice to the public by dismissing them. If we are to lead humanity to a righteous and sustainable existence, we will have to drop the condescension and engage with these questions seriously and without judgement. That’s exactly what we are here to do.

The fact is that we might want warm temperatures for our immediate pleasure, but in the long run, we don’t want warmer temperatures at all. Why? Because for some strange reason, geographic areas with warm temperatures seem to be horrible places to raise children. Of course, there are exceptions: hello Australia & New Zealand! The trend is undeniable, however.

Geographically warm areas are highly correlated with STDs, high homicide rates, high child mortality, lack of economic development, unclean environments, political instability, and a whole host of stuff we want our children to stay away from. The GCC is a matter of family safety.

There are also unpredictable migratory events that may result from the GCC. Many dangerous organisms (read: savage animals, nasty insects, and deadly diseases) who belong in warmer equatorial areas will migrate to colder Northern areas.

The fact is that we need a comprehensive solution. Instead, all we have been given is fringe extremist rhetoric about how “we’re all going to burn in 12 years”. The closest thing to a serious policy proposal is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal (GND), which is well-intentioned, at best. While the intentions of the GND are good, it simply makes no mention of how it will go about achieving its goals.

Anyone can put ink on paper and “set a goal” to visit planet Mars within 10 years. Given the ambitious and grandiose nature of the GND, the public is absolutely correct to raise an eyebrow in suspicion. We deserve to know how the GND will work.

At Global Warning, we see only one way to make the GND work: technology. A green future is a high-tech future. Let’s turn science-fiction into science-reality.

Universal Green Income

Here’s a wild idea: the way to make people do what you want…. is to pay them. Crazy, isn’t it?

How do you get people to live sustainable lifestyles while being able to afford it? $1000 per month. That’s how.

How do you get engineers to develop Green Tech? $1Million per invention.

Regulation isn’t always the best solution, but it always costs money. If we’re considering regulation, then we might as well just dish out cash. Since we’re in the looting phase of the American empire’s death regime, it’s time to make that money printer go brrr. Grab that money bag, fam. Ching ching bling bling, you deserve it.